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What Multigenerational Planning Means to Us Thumbnail

What Multigenerational Planning Means to Us

Planning your financial legacy is a highly personal, sometimes complicated process. Doing it well requires personal contemplation, honest conversations with your loved ones, and a go-forward plan with your team of advisors. For some, the various moving parts can feel overwhelming—which can cause them to delay this important task again and again.

At K&B, we understand the overwhelm—and we’re ready to serve as the central piece of the planning team to smooth and streamline the entire process.

Here’s what multigenerational planning means to us.

Understanding Your Wishes

The first step in multigenerational planning is to understand the wishes of our account holder: that is, typically the oldest generation. Diving deep into the goals and interests of our clients is a hallmark of the K&B process, and it underpins every conversation we have. Our FinLife process allows us to get to know our clients on a deeper level, and we always discuss legacy from our very first conversations.

Our goal is to understand the legacy you want to leave, that way, we can help you think at the asset level about your lifestyle, investments, charitable contributions and more, to help you live the life you want in the present and leave the legacy you envision in the future.

Facilitating Important Conversations

Discussing money, even with loved ones (sometimes especially with loved ones), can be challenging for many families—and we’re here to help. We can help you make important decisions about how your assets will affect various people in your life, including choices about whom to select as a trusted contact and whom to designate as beneficiaries.

We can also help facilitate honest conversations between you and the next generation. We can conduct account reviews with the next generation with varying levels of transparency—we can do high-level account reviews and obscure the full amount of your assets, or we can be completely transparent if that’s your choice. Having these conversations with an objective third party can help get everyone aligned more quickly and efficiently.

Coordinating with Professionals

Legacy planning is highly personal, but it’s not something you can do effectively alone. We’re more than willing to collaborate with the various other constituents—including accountants, attorneys, and more—who compose your team. When it comes to transitioning wealth, we value the perspectives and expertise of various professionals, and we’re happy to quarterback conversations and interactions among all of them.

Let us help you plan ahead

We’re always ready and eager to have the honest conversations that are instrumental in planning for your and your family’s financial futures. Ready to get started? Reach out today.