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We listen.
We learn.
We invest.

What could you achieve if your investment advisor cared about what you really want?

What do you want your legacy to be?

We know financial decisions are personal.

That’s why our process is personal, too. We listen and learn about you, your family, your lifestyle, and the legacy you want to leave, so we can protect your assets to help you navigate the now and safeguard the future.

Let Us Learn About You

It's about trust.

Our investment approach stands upon a foundation of trust, which we’ve cultivated over five decades spent working with families and institutions of all sizes. We strive to make decisions with your best interests and goals in mind and always work with the highest degrees of integrity and ethics.

All eyes are on you.

We value our relationship with every client. Our team takes a collaborative approach to client service, so each employee understands the nuances and needs of each client. At K&B, we believe that you deserve our full, undivided attention no matter what amount you’re investing.

We offer clients a variety of services, including:

Investment Management

We actively manage your investments and serve as your financial coach and advisor. Through honest conversations and the aid of our FinLife tool, we identify your unique financial traits and priorities, and we help you set goals and make decisions accordingly.

Retirement Planning

As your Financial Coach, we help you prepare for retirement. We focus on maintaining your current quality of life while mitigating risk, protecting your loved ones, and crafting your ideal legacy.

Wealth Transfer

We help facilitate a smooth transition of wealth from one generation to the next, so you can rest assured that you’ll take care of your loved ones and secure your greater legacy.

Over our 55 years advising clients, we’ve learned that everyone views money a little differently. When you work with K&B, you’ll uncover goals, set priorities, and discover what money truly means to you.

Do you view money primarily as a vehicle to provide for your family? To honor your financial commitments? To enjoy your retirement? In our initial meetings, we’ll help you discover what drives you. Then, we’ll assist you in making decisions that support the factors that matter most to you.

We’ll serve as your partner in helping you navigate some of life’s biggest moments. Whether your occasion is a joyful one (preparing for marriage or children, for example, or planning for retirement) or more somber (handling the dissolution of a marriage or wealth transfer following the death of a loved one), we will be there to help you meet the financial goals you’ve set.

We employ the Goldman Sachs FinLife system to help you live your Best Financial Life. As part of this process, we’ll have Honest Conversations about you and your goals, determine your MoneyMind and investment preferences, and forge a plan forward that supports your vision.

Money is just fuel for living the life you want, and living richly means something different for each person.

FinLife is a unique way to establish a plan that allows your money to serve you–and not the other way around. It’s an entire wealth management system designed to help you navigate life’s uncertainties in a way that’s best for you.

FinLife helps you think differently about money—one decision at a time.


Understand What's Important to You

Gaining clarity around your intentions and commitments is the first step to living the life you want. Our digital discovery process helps you clearly articulate your intentions, goals, preferences, and priorities.


Implement Your Plan

Once we gain a clear understanding of what you want your money to achieve, we create a customized plan that we measure, track and update as your life changes.


Engage on Your Terms

Goals change. Resources change. Markets change. Making sound financial decisions along the way is fundamental to living the life you want. Together with your advisor, you have the power to navigate life’s course corrections with personalized roadmaps and support.

If You Are...

A successful career professional

You and your partner are busy career professionals or entrepreneurs and are planning to grow your family and your business in the coming years. You seek a trusted partner who can take care of your investments, so you can gain financial stability, achieve work/life balance, and plan for your family’s future.

A business owner or entrepreneur

You lead a comfortable, “no frills” lifestyle and have recently come into a substantial inheritance. You’ve never had a wealth advisor, but as you approach retirement, you need some guidance on preserving and growing your newfound wealth while planning for your future.

A multi-generational family or institution focused on protecting and growing your assets

You are an affluent family with a diverse portfolio of global investments. You need an active manager with extensive experience navigating market cycles, who can help you preserve and grow your wealth, make tax-efficient investments, and assist with philanthropic planning, so you can protect the people and causes you believe in.

A manager of a foundation or non-profit institution

You manage a foundation or non-profit institution and need a trusted advisor who has the investment experience to grow your assets. You’re looking for a boutique firm that will provide a personal touch while actively managing your investments.

Then We Should Talk

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Career Coaching

Whatever your needs, our personalized process provides tailored solutions for the unique challenges you face.

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