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The K&B Difference Thumbnail

The K&B Difference

How often do you hear the following sentence?

We want what you want.

At Kimelman & Baird, it’s true—and it’s central to who we are and what we offer.

Okay, you might be thinking. But when it comes to long-term financial planning, doesn’t everyone want the same thing (i.e., maximum monetary returns)?

In our 55 years in business, we’ve learned that the answer to that question is actually a resounding no. Every client has different goals, different wish lists, and different approaches to investing. If our only objective were to maximize our clients’ financial returns, our job would be much easier than it is.

But it would also be much less interesting and exciting—and it wouldn’t deliver the personalized results our clients have come to know and expect. That’s why our approach is anything but cookie-cutter, and it considers a wide range of strategies and desired outcomes for each individual client.

When you work with K&B, you’ll work with an advisory team that’s focused on the financial side. But beyond that, you’ll work with a team that’s committed to making your money work for you personally.

Here’s what that means.

We get to know you (and we help you get to know you, too)

The most important thing we can do in all our interactions with our clients? Listen.

Every client relationship begins with a comprehensive conversation that puts you in the driver’s seat. We listen and learn about you, your family, your lifestyle, and the legacy you want to leave, so we can in turn develop the investment and financial planning strategy that makes the most sense for you.

To help us get to know you better, we employ the Goldman Sachs FinLife® system: a unique tool that helps us establish a customized plan for your particular life goals. When we onboard new clients, we begin with an exercise that determines their MoneyMind® (i.e., Commitment, Protection, or Happiness). We then follow up by having Honest Conversations®, a deep diveabout their goals and investment preferences.

This approach not only helps us get to know you—it also helps you better understand yourself. FinLife and its Honest Conversations are designed to help our clients understand the driving factors that influence their perspectives on money. Often, spouses will have different MoneyMinds, which means each partner’s overarching goals and comfort levels differ slightly—or, in some cases, substantially—from one another. When we begin a relationship with an understanding of these preferences and have the language needed to articulate each stakeholder’s goals, we can devise a better long-term investment approach and strategy for everyone involved.

We tailor our approach to your preferences

We invest so much time in getting to know our clients and learning their goals because that knowledge directly shapes the service we offer. We’ve learned that some clients find money management and investment strategy overwhelming—they’d prefer to share their overarching desires with us, then let us handle the rest. Others, conversely, find the markets exciting, and they want to be more involved. When we understand our clients’ preferences, we can tailor our approach to maximize their comfort and satisfaction.

Likewise, identifying clients’ MoneyMinds directly informs our bespoke investment strategy for each client. We might offer different advice to a client whose MoneyMind is commitment, for example, than to someone who is focused on happiness. The former client might prioritize developing their legacy, while the latter might be willing to sacrifice a larger savings account for more immediate liquidity.

There’s no “correct” MoneyMind, just as there’s no “correct” way to use money in your life. Our approach simply allows us to understand who you are and what you want, so we can optimize your individual financial plan.

We’re in it for the long-haul

When we take on a new client, it’s our sincere hope that they will entrust us with their financial planning for years to come. Many of our clients have spent decades under our care, and we’re fortunate to count several multi-generational families among our client base.

Because our approach hinges on personal relationships, the quality of our service only increases over time. When we work with a client for years, we innately come to understand how they view money and their short- and long-term goals. That helps us make better investment decisions for them time and again—and those good decisions compound over time.

Take Advantage of the K&B Difference

Today’s customers have multiple options for every service they seek—and financial planning is no exception. Over our decades of work, we’ve learned that financial decisions are personal—and an excellent financial planning process should be, too. That’s the K&B difference: a personal relationship and custom approach tailored to your specific wants and needs. Because ultimately, we want what you want.

Reach out today to learn more about the K&B difference and begin your first Honest Conversations with our experienced team.