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Client Service: The K&B Difference Thumbnail

Client Service: The K&B Difference

Client Service: The K&B Difference

Client service is something we speak about frequently at K&B. It’s core to who we are—and, as a boutique firm, we’ve had the opportunity to make it a differentiator for our business.

“My father founded the business with Sheila [Baird], and having been in business over five decades we believe validates our investment process and client service,” says Scott Kimelman, Partner and Co-Chief Investment Officer.

But what does client service really mean? What does it look like?

At K&B, this is what we mean when we say client service is the K&B difference.

We speak your language

With 56 years in business, we’ve honed a financial acumen and an understanding of the financial markets. Our years of experience is one reason clients choose—and continue—to work with us.

But we know that crafting and executing a sound financial strategy that works for you is about much more than that. “The stock markets underpin what’s important for asset growth, but that’s not often the language that clients speak,” says Sapan Vyas, Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer. “Clients speak the language we all speak, which is life. And life is constantly changing and evolving, and part of our process is to help them understand where they are on their journey today and where they will be a few years from now.”

We know the markets matter, but they’re not necessarily the most important thing in your life. In every conversation with us, you’ll hear us speak your language to make you feel comfortable and confident in the decisions we make together.

We get to know you and your goals

We’ve never had a cookie cutter process that applies to every client, and we never will. By design, our process celebrates the unique goals and attributes of every individual client. We never assume we know who you are and what you want better than you do, and our process helps us learn as much as we can about you so we can reach our aim to know you and your goals.

“The more we know about our clients, the more we can help them,” says Yasmeen Mock, Partner & Chief Operating Officer. “Whether it’s as simple as do they have a pet or do they like to exercise or something as big as when do you want to retire or do you want to buy a second home or can you afford to pay for graduate school for your kids or private school for your grandkids.”

Our comprehensive onboarding process helps us get to know our clients on both a personal and financial level. In our second meeting, we review everything we discussed initially so we can set more concrete goals and create a customized plan.

We work as a team

At K&B, teamwork underpins everything we do. “No one has their own clients—they’re all all of our clients,” says Scott. “We all work together. Everybody is incentivized for everyone to do well.”

That’s a key K&B objective, that every client receives the full benefit and brainpower of our entire team.

Our size allows us to work closely together, so nothing slips through the cracks. “Client service and operations work hand-in-hand,” explains Yasmeen. “When clients come in, they come in through client service and are executed by operations. It’s important for them to work together seamlessly.”

We’re here for our clients

When we say we’re here for our clients, we mean it literally. “If you call us, you will always reach someone at the firm to handle your needs,” says Operations Manager Joyce Chan. “There’s no phone tree or automated messages.”

That means a lot to clients—to reach or talk to someone by phone. We strive to have a level of service and helpfulness as a key part of our offering. Our goal is to make life a little easier for our clients. “We get together and discuss operationally the back-end of how...to help the client in the long-run,” says Nicole Wilson, Operations & Client Service Coordinator. “Whether that’s making sure they have their funds sent to their bank every month, or they request that we send statements to their accountant every month, etc. We’re doing all the behind-the-scenes work to lessen the load for them.”

It matters to us

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of our approach to client service? How much it matters to us. “I think the most rewarding thing is a happy client,” says Yasmeen. Everything any one of our team members does—whether on the investment side or operationally—is done with the goal of meeting the needs or interests of the client. The opportunity to help clients achieve their goals is one we don’t take lightly, and it’s what keeps us eager and excited about coming to work every day.

“It’s all about clients, clients, clients,” says Sapan. “If they can do what they want to do, and if they can imagine things they didn’t think were possible, and if we can be a part of that decision-making process, that’s the most rewarding outcome.”

We’re here for you

If you’re interested in exploring options for financial advisory in the new year, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re (always) here for you.