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Above and Beyond Thumbnail

Above and Beyond

Dear friends,

As we reflect on the past 12 months, we’re perennially grateful to be in this business of families, giving, and growth. As financial advisors, we help clients make the right decisions for their money. We review, we advise, and we invest.

But we do much more than that, too. At our core, here’s what we truly do: we work with families to engage in multi-generational wealth discussions. We want the whole family to be financially literate—for our clients’ benefit and for the benefit of future generations. As financial advisor, we see it as our duty and privilege to help instill financial literacy and navigate financial questions wherever we can—even in areas that don’t necessarily fall under our explicit job description.

We know that for most people, money can be overwhelming. The more we talk to people, the more we learn that ultimately, most folks want to use their money to do nice things for the people they love and the causes they champion—they’re just not always quite sure how.

We can help. We can serve as the family’s personal CFO, helping to facilitate your entire family’s financial wellbeing.

What we do goes far beyond strategy sessions and smart investment decisions. Here are a few things we’ve done for our clients over the past year:

  • Helped the 20-something daughter of a client get a head start on investing. We had an hour-long conversation that kickstarted a life of financial literacy and investment savvy for a new generation.
  • Met with clients to determine the best approach to consolidating scattered assets for ease and efficiency.
  • Helped a longstanding client and her son determine the appropriate vehicle to fund her grandchildren’s educations.
  • Helped clients determine their house-hunting budget, with specific advice regarding the size of their down payment.

We’re proud to count multiple generations within single families as our clients, because we know you all have options when it comes to financial management. We believe what makes our client relationships good are the investment decisions we make—but everything else we do is what makes them great.

We look forward to continuing to advise our clients—and family—in 2024.


The K&B Team